Sovereign is committed to helping you better appreciate the value and benefits of our financial planning service. With this in mind we are proud to partner with Voyant to make available to all of our clients the Voyant Adviser Financial Planning solution. Contact us for more information.

This enables us to help you understand better your financial planning needs by creating a personal financial plan which is then presented in a series of powerful, interactive and visual charts so that we can together identify areas of concern where action may be advisable now or to flag up potential needs in the future.

We believe that “a picture is worth a thousand words” and that using Voyant will help us to ensure that the client remains informed and fully engaged with those important financial planning decisions as they arise.

What is Cashflow

At the heart of Voyant lies Cashflow analysis.

Quite simply, cashflow is “monies in / monies out” – what money do we have coming in now and what are we spending now – and, most importantly, what do we EXPECT to have coming in compared to what we EXPECT to spend in the future?

The Cashflow chart in Voyant analyses current and projected future needs goals and aspirations and assesses the likelihood of being able to achieve them, year on year, throughout your lifetime(s).

Why is it so important?

Essentially, we believe that a visual projection of your financial future will help to inform and engage you in answering the three vital questions that matter most to the financial wellbeing of you and your family:

Will we be alright? Can we afford our desired lifestyle now and through our lifetimes? Can we afford to enjoy that special holiday, Pay for our daughter’s wedding or retire a little earlier?
What happens if one of us dies unexpectedly
or one of us is ill and unable to work?

Cashflow analysis brings to life visually all of these issues and enables us to model different planning scenarios to address them.