Our Personal Finance Portal puts you in control of your finances

The Personal Finance Portal (PFP) provides a clear overview of your finances, so they can be managed and tracked in one place. It is like a personal digital filing cabinet where all of your financial records can be kept, and easily accessible whenever they are needed.

Once registered, you will have access to:

Increased data security
With the increasing importance of data security, we will send your personal documents to you via the portal so you can be assured that your information is secure at all times. We will no longer send you important documents via email or in the post.

Your financial dashboard
The portal enables you to view all of your finances in one place so you can access up-to-date valuations and an overview of the performance of your investments to see how you are progressing against your financial goals.

Secure document signing
Sign your key documents digitally using DocuSign.

Open Banking
Linking your bank accounts to the portal helps you understand exactly where you are spending your money. Purchases on linked accounts will automatically be broken down into categories such as Household, Loans and finance, and Lifestyle. The portal links directly to your bank account without the need to share any log in details.

Secure messaging
The portal includes a secure messaging service so you can get in touch with us safe in the knowledge that any information you share is fully encrypted.

Secure document storage
You can also store all your financial documents on the portal where they are secure and fully backed up.